Design services:

  • Structural design of light gauge steel buildings in compliance with required codes, standards and regulations
  • Production modelling of light steel structures in accordance with the relevant rollformer technology
  • Development and drafting of light steel structural connection and construction details
  • Development and drafting of light steel architectural wall, floor and roof make-up details
  • u-value calculations
  • Acoustic modelling

        Construction support services:

  • Provision of manufactured light steel framing profiles and panels
  • Providing site erection teams and/or guidance on assembly and construction methodologies of light steel systems
  • Identification of health and safety hazards and establishment of preventive measures in light steel projects (within Principle Designer role where applies). 
  • Recommendation of suitable roll former models in accordance with Clients' needs
  • Providing assistance in procurement and delivery of appropriate cold formed steel coils
  • Recommendation of cladding, insulation and other materials in accordance with light steel project specifications
  • Providing assistance in procurement, delivery and application of the recommended construction materials


         Consultancy services:

  • SCI/NHBC System Manual Preparation for Light Steel Framing Systems (NHBC Stage 1 Certification)
  • NHBC Project Certification for light steel framed walls and/or floors (NHBC Stage 2 Certification)
  • Feasibility analysis for proposed light steel projects in regard to business development
  • Cost estimates for light steel projects
  • Providing engineering training for cold formed steel design
  • Providing training for several light steel design software packages
  • Management of research and development activities for light steel technology and construction companies
  • Conceptual development of projects with light steel structural system in accordance with Clients' needs
  • Consultancy in quality certification of light steel manufacturing and construction systems for various schemes